We are predominantly a lawn mowing service that specializes
in regular visits to maintain small to medium-sized yards.

Our service from March through July is on a two week
schedule. From August through November we usually maintain yards on a three weeks to one month schedule, as the
growth rate often slows.

Sorry, we are not permitted to apply poisonous chemicals.

Our service includes trimming, edging, mowing and blowing
debris from the surrounding hard surfaces (i.e. sidewalks, driveways etc.).

Occasionally, if time permits, we can help with other landscape chores. But please do not ask us to do actual landscaping
services such as designing and planting shrubs or lawn
installing. We do some minor tree work (trimming and removal) but any large jobs will require a professional tree service.

We also do not provide gardening services; however, we will
be happy to refer you to people who do this kind of work.