Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up how often do you come?

From March through July the grass grows very fast so we usually come every other week (i.e. a two week schedule). From August through November, when the weather is dryer and growth is slower, we switch to a three week schedule.

Can I call you just when my grass needs cutting?

Because our schedules are based on specific geographic routes, we must adhere to our seasonal routines. To cut costs and save you money, we service many different accounts in the same neighborhood, cutting down on our travel expenses. When you become a customer of Barry's Lawn Service, you become one of our regularly scheduled jobs and we cannot alter our schedule to meet individual requests.

Do you do brush clearing?

Usually, we do not do brush clearing as part of your regular lawn maintenance. If you require special services we can happily arrange for a reliable brush clearing service to call you.

Do you do hedges?

As a general rule, we do not do hedges. If you require this type of work we can refer you to a reliable hedge service.

Can you clean out my rain gutters?

Since this type of service does not involve the maintenance of your lawn, we do not provide rain gutter cleaning.

Do you haul away the grass trimmings?

Yes. That is part of our usual lawn service.

Can you mow even if it is raining?

Yes. Unless there are unusual weather conditions, such as lightening or high winds, we service your lawn rain or shine.

When do I get billed?

We usually start our billing process at the end of each month. You will usually receive your bill during the first week of the month.

What preparations should I make when I know my lawn is scheduled to be mowed?

We ask that you clear the lawn and surrounding areas of any items such as lawn chairs, picnic tables, BBQ grills, children's toys or any other objects that could inhibit our mowing or could be damaged. If you leave an object on the lawn that we cannot safely move, or do not feel comfortable moving, we will mow around the object. We are not responsible for damage to items left on the grass or edge of the lawn. Also, please be considerate and do not leave pet feces on the lawn.

What if I have guests staying at my house when you mow?

Sometimes a guest is staying at the home of one of our accounts and asks us not to mow the lawn while they are there. Please remember that we can not re-schedule your lawn service and that you may be charged for the mowing anyway.

Will the service stop if I miss a payment?

We understand that people sometimes forget to make a payment. We will try to remind you if you miss a payment; however, if you have missed more than one payment and have not contacted us we may stop your service until the balance is paid.

How do I cancel the service?

You can cancel your service by calling 541-994-9700 at least two weeks before your next scheduled service.

Can I apply poisonous chemicals (i.e. weed killer etc.) to my lawn?

Putting poisonous chemicals on you lawn becomes a danger to the health of our workers. We ask that you do not apply these hazardous treatments but, if you must, please call us in advance and let us know exactly what you have applied and when it was applied. We can then determine if this poses a risk for your next scheduled lawn service.

How do I start receiving your services?

It's easy. Just call 541-994-9700 and speak to Barry. He will explain the service in detail and answer any questions you may have.